Photo by   Arielle Lewis

Photo by Arielle Lewis

Why Visuals?

As a creative strategist I collaborate with individuals and organizations to create graphic works that help them achieve their goals. These goals might include movement building, educating the public, or even bringing a team together around a common strategy. Most people are visual learners, and graphics can turn data into a compelling story that has a powerful impact on viewers.

How Do I Work?

I am passionate about helping organizations and individuals to find meaningful ways to tell their stories. Whenever possible I like to meet in person or over the phone to learn from the client about their short and long-term goals. We then work together to move the concept from their head into an impactful visual.

About Me:

My career has taught me key strategies in storytelling that influence my creative products.  I worked as a field organizer in the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and as a political appointee at the U.S. Department of the Interior. I have helped to run environmental campaigns at the Sierra Club and I have a master's degree in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford. In addition to being a creative strategist I work as an environmental consultant with the Natural Resources Defense Council. 

I am based in Washington, D.C. and have U.S. and U.K. citizenships. 

You can find cartoons and doodles on my Instagram: